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Springfield Arts Museum

Springfield, OH


This project consist of approximately 14,600 square feet of renovation and 18,100 sqaure feet of addition.

The renovation contains classrooms, offices, and an auditorium. The addition contains galleries, offices, and rooms for art preparation and storage. The galleries were designed around a twenty-eight foot module because paintings in the collection were of a small scale. All galleries, except one, are day-lighted. The light qualities within those rooms varies with exposure and time of day. The gallery walls are exceptionally clean as air returns, signage, fire extinguishers, and emergency devices are integrated into portals.

The crescent shaped site lies along the north bank of meandering Buck Creek, which is graced by mature sycamores and flowering crab apples and is populated by ducks and swans. The curved gallery reiterates the curve of the creek. One of the chief goals was to integrate the building with the site. We developed the entry courtyard around a superb Japanese Maple which grows from an outcropping of rock. We carved out openings in the west wall of the auditorium opened a view to a great lawn which is populated by sculptures.

The parking lot was
reconfigured to better
address the principal
facade of the building. We
then lined Cliff Park with
trees to create a dramatic,
but informal arrival
sequence appropriate to
the Park. Our involvement
was local management to
the lead architectural firm.

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