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North Spring Dental

Springfield, OH


North Spring Dental was created to serve the needs of the community. As Dr. Afshan Ahmed’s practice grew in size and reputation it was evident that a new facility was needed. North Spring Dental, and their architect, McCall Sharp Architecture, developed a 1.68 acre premier corner lot in suburban Springfield, Ohio. The primary goal for this established dental practice is to provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, one-stop solution of full dental services. This practice is located in a new one-story 5,457 square-foot structure housing 12 operatories, including one surgical operatory, and related support spaces.

This one-story structure has a small adjacent park as a backdrop for its setting. The view is highlighted by a pond with a fountain feature. The building has a unifying center ridge with roof forms that slope to give the structure a strong identity and also a sense of recognition to the surrounding 1960’s ranch style suburban community. The primary exterior vocabulary of black cultured stone, black aluminum openings with sun shading devices, dark gray roof shingles and gray EIFS stucco are complimentary to and in scale with the local community. The varied material selection offers strong contrasts in texture while maintaining a consistent palette across the façade.

The building entrance is highlighted by a prominent butterfly roof entryway reminiscent of mid-century modern design. Located along the roof ridge are several dormers that relate to chimney stacks found in the neighborhood. Each dormer window floods interior cross aisles with daylight that change throughout the day. Natural daylighting is central to the building design as it makes for an enjoyable and calming work environment for doctors and patients alike.

The doctor’s overall objective is the creation of a facility that supports wellness. Special considerations were given to the open and inviting reception area, check in/out stations, location of supply storage, private doctor/staff entrances and placement of noise cancelling features. Patients enter into a welcoming 18’ tall reception and waiting area, flooded with natural daylight. Once past the threshold, patients are greeted by the personality of the practice as projected by the interior environment. An open appearing plan with warm custom woodwork, glass sliding doors, dormer skylights, unique lighting, aluminum and stainless steel features contribute to the modern palette of elements and materials. The spare, white interior sets off the vibrant colors and textures of the lawns, the park, and the pond with the fountain. Each of the operatories receives natural light and a view of the outside surroundings. The large open windows that surround the building were purposefully used for their therapeutic benefits of reducing dental anxiety and improving color matching for cosmetic dental procedures.

Functionally, the operatories are placed on the building perimeter to take advantage of the views as is the business office and breakroom. The doctors’ offices overlook the pond and the breakroom features a private outdoor seating area under a covered porch. The breakroom is equipped with technology for staff training and also provides a kitchenette for team meals. Sterilization, lab and panoramic x-rays are centrally located for access to the operatories. Additionally, sterilization was centralized with pass thru access serving 2 purposes. First, to improve patient confidence that state of the art sterilization was being used and staff access for work flow improvement. Small details collectively created a dental office that patients, staff and doctors enjoy. Overall, the plan provides a comprehensive facility that meets the needs of doctors and comforts of patients.

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