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Clark County Main Public Library

Springfield, OH


The renovation of 5,000 square feet and an addition of 5,400 square feet to the main branch of the Clark County Public Library was completed June, 1996 at a cost of $1,128,200. Th e project revolves around the addition of a new children’s library, the Lenski Room. Isolating the room from the rest of the library by housing it in the addition allows this extension to become more child-oriented. Examples of this include brighter colors, a larger area for children’s programming and an overall child-centered appearance.
The addition yields not only more space for the youths, but also upgrades the computer system for the library into the 21st Century. Access to the Library of Congress and limitless connections through the Internet are now available. With the growing demand on computer literacy, we see upgrades of this nature essential. The existing building received a renovation as well. The stacks were completely reconstructed, allowing for the doubling of the present AudioVisual area. With these changes, the library became more appealing to all - young and old alike. This project received an AIA Dayton Design Award and a Lighting Design Award.

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