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Transitional Women's Recovery Housing Renovations for McKinley Hall

Springfield, OH


Completed in 2021, this project was a renovation of a 3,800 square foot former medical office building into transitional women's recovery housing for McKinley Hall. This building is now a living dwelling with 10 bedrooms and a large kitchen, pantry, adjacent dining room, several accessible family restrooms, and two common rooms that can facilitate family visitation.

Located on the Northeast corner of East High Street and South Burnett Road, the interior of the building was the focus of the project. Many of the former medical examination rooms were the ideal size to become private bedrooms. The non-compliant stairs to the basement were also replaced. The 3,000 square foot basement remains a non-habitual space for mechanical equipment and storage. Full fire protection, fire alarm, and smoke detection systems were also installed as part of the new work. The cost of construction was $364,144, which includes 15% for change orders.

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