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Oesterlen Crisis Respite Center

Springfield, OH


Located on a 100-acre campus, Oesterlen Services for Youth, Inc. is a full spectrum mental health, behavioral health, and social services agency for children and their families or other caregivers.

Community based programs are the growing edge of Oesterlen’s services today. Funding was through “Strong Families, Safe Communities” initiative and brought together three distinct agencies that serve three counties: mental health and addiction services, developmental disabilities and Oesterlen.

An 1850 brick farm house was renovated, including the historic exterior, to accommodate a live-in couple and up to five beds for crisis respite. It offers families a “cooling off period” if an interaction becomes overly charged. The design also provides a safe, structured setting for evaluation of a youth with significant mental health issues who may not meet the criteria for inpatient hospitalization. The farm house provides a home like, residential setting for up to a two week stay.

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