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Richwood Bank - Marysville

Marysville, OH


In 2016, the Richwood Banking Company sought to replace their undersized branch building, and establish a greater presence in the community of  Marysville Ohio through an architectural statement. The new branch building is two story, steel frame, slab-on-grade structure located in the historic downtown area of Marysville. The design invokes late 19th century main street with its brick and stone exterior, large storefront windows, and location close to the street.

Inside the new branch bank are unique design features that incorporate the bank's marketing function, its architectural identity, and its proximity to the historic downtown. Richwood Bank has been incorporating coffee cafes into their existing banking facilities as a way to attract and befriend new customers. The success of this idea has led to the design of this new branch as their first true composite structure of a bank/café. The two-story front lobby is a unique interpretation of the conventional banking hall which seamlessly blends the functions of café with more conventional banking functions. An open stair connects the lobby with the overlooking second floor. On both floors, subtle changes in materials, ceiling height, and exterior views mark a gradual transition from public café in the front to the more intimate offices and meeting rooms in the back.

This composite of two functions on the interior led to the architectural design on the exterior. The bank upholds the street corner with a black aluminum frame tower that marks the main entrance. Large expanses of storefront windows provide the strong interior-exterior connection crucial to a cafe in a downtown setting. To match the historic Victorian architectural character of the downtown and to keep in line with other Richwood Banking facilities, the look of the building transitions from a historic downtown storefront  at the street to a brick and stone exterior characteristic of Richwood Bank branches for the main body of the structure.

The site incorporates small public park area along the western side of the property that runs along a creek known as Town Run and that is open for public enjoyment. The park serves to continue a pedestrian connection embodied in the city’s Master Plan for developing and improving the downtown area. The project serves as a gateway to the historic downtown from the east along the main east/west corridor.

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