Professional design support with

creative solutions, resources,

and visualization tools.

Community Buildings

Renovations / Additions:

Clark County Library New Entrance

Springfield, Ohio

John Legend Theater

Springfield, Ohio

Heritage Center

Springfield, Ohio

Clark County Main Library, 2001

Springfield, Ohio

Warder Library

Sprinfield, Ohio

Derby Hall Banquet Center

The Stables Restaurant

Comprehensive Designs:

Heritage Center Annex

Springfield, Ohio

Concord Community Center

Deleware County, Ohio

Davidson Center

Springfield, Ohio

London Public Library

London, Ohio


Performing Arts Center

Springfield Museum of Art

  • Creative Solutions  


    Expertise, education, and intelligence, combined with artistry, inspiration, and originality are qualities we employ to solve design projects with functional and aesthetic challenges.


    We thrive in a creative and technical environment where strong communication and persistent collaboration are essential for our production work-flow.

  • Resources    

    Decades of experience have connected us to a vast network of professionals in the design and construction industry.


    We employ the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to more quickly produce a complete design and documentation of a building. This minimizes discrepancies within a drawing set.

  • Visualization Tools

    Using the latest design software, Revit, from industry leader, Autodesk, we are able to maximize the visual experience for clients.


    Revit, 3DS Max and other tools allow clients to travel through a building in three-dimensional space before it is built. We also have the ability to produce near photo realistic renderings.


    See our renderings compared to photos of the finished building on our Design vs Reality page.

  • Results   

    Completion of over 1000 projects including comprehensive designs, renovations, additions, design studies, and historical preservations. The result has been high quality projects in many categories including:





    Fire + EMS



    And more...




    Senior Living



    Animal Shelter

Springfield, Ohio Architects

Professional design support with creative solutions, resources, and visualization tools.